ReSqueeze Reusable Baby Food Squeeze Pouch Features

ReSqueeze is a convenient, cost-saving and environmentally conscious alternative to existing market offerings -- one-time use food pouches. Simply pour your favorite applesauce, yogurt, smoothie or puree into the bottom opening and squeeze and ReSqueeze. 



Original Reusable Squeeze Pouch

Imitation and knock-offs are the best form of flattery, right? ReSqueeze is an original designer and manufacture of reusable pouches. We continually make design improvements to make them the best they can be and the best on the market – we’re currently on version 4.0 featuring the strongest seals and finest seams!  

Best Size

ReSqueeze is larger than competitors - offering versatility for baby's growing appetite (add more or less).  The larger size also provides a LARGER OPENING for easier filling and cleaning.  ReSqueeze pouches are available in 6 oz. (+6 months-2 years) and 9 oz. (+3 years) sizes. The 6 oz. when filled to the brim with water and sealed can hold a full 6 fl. oz., however most parents do not stuff them quite as full with applesauce so 4-5 oz. is a good expectation (4 oz. is the size of most one-time use pouches). The 9 oz. easily meets expectations. 

Strongest Seal

ReSqueeze is the only reusable pouch with a double-dual zip-seal. Don’t be fooled by competitors claiming to have a “double zip-seal” – it's not the same.

Straight-Flow Design

ReSqueeze was designed with straight sides and rounded corners for two reasons – EASY cleaning and MORE capacity. To clean, simply shake water inside the pouch from side-to-side as it freely flows from top to bottom. If the pouches sat a little longer before being cleaned, depending on what was inside, soak for a few hours in a bowl of water and repeat the water-shake. Side-spout pouches with the ability to stand or pouches shaped like an 8 are harder to clean due to the shape and added bottom gussets.


Made of layers of food-grade plastic and high quality nylon, for durability. BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free.

Clear Fill-line

Remember exactly what's inside with our see-through measurement fill-line. There is also additional space for writing pouch contents and date on the back.

Kid Appeal 

We chose vibrant colors and fun graphics to draw a little one’s attention and get them excited for what's inside. Don’t be surprised if your child doesn’t want to hand over the ReSqueeze - kids LOVE them!

Safety Cap

Large cap with holes for your child's protection. Please keep caps away from children.

Best Price

We’re parents too, we understand and that's why we offer the best price. Did we mention we use them EVERY DAY with our own children?