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ReSqueeze Reusable Baby Food Squeeze Pouch Story

Based in San Francisco, CA, ReSqueeze LLC provides reusable baby food squeeze pouches, ideal for feeding soft foods to infants, toddlers, and school-age children. ReSqueeze is a convenient, cost-saving, and environmentally conscious alternative to existing market offerings -- one-time use food pouches. 

The Inspiration. When our son began the transition to complementary foods, we noticed it was easier to feed him (and cleaner for us) with baby food pouches rather than a spoon and jar. After spending a significant amount of money on one-time use baby food pouches (and never knowing exactly what was inside), Laura started cutting the bottom off these pouches and refilling them using bulk applesauce or homemade baby food and smoothies. As you can imagine, this could get messy without a seal! From this, the ReSqueeze idea was born.

The Solution. We set out to create the perfect squeeze pouch. Throughout the design you’ll notice thoughtful design elements, such as rounded edges to prevent unwanted scratches and pokes, extra wide fill opening for easy filling and cleaning (no need for filling gadgets), clear fill-line for viewing contents, and 6 oz. pouch size that is a practical portion-size for infants and toddlers. We are especially proud of the strong dual-zip closure. You may even notice some of the little details like space for writing notes and dates in case you’ll be freezing the contents, and vibrant colors and graphics that are chosen to draw a little one’s attention. Don’t be surprised if your child doesn’t want to hand over the ReSqueeze! We don’t expect you to notice the technology behind the layers of nylon and special food-grade plastic that make ReSqueeze, but we are confident it is the most durable squeeze pouch on the block.

The Journey. Along the way we learned that it’s not that easy to make an idea come to life, and we learned we couldn't do it alone. This process has introduced us to some very talented people who are now close friends among our graphic and web designers, production teams and advisors. We were able to stick to our goal to not compromise our design or materials -- resulting in a product that we are very proud of. We didn’t compromise on price either. You’ll find that ReSqueeze is priced favorably to other alternatives. By giving you an outstanding product at an equally outstanding price, we believe you’ll visit us again.

We hope you and your little ones enjoy ReSqueeze as much as we do. It really does make life easier.

-Laura and Brandon


Meet the Team


Laura Hightower, RN, IBCLC, Founder. As a Registered Nurse and Lactation Consultant, Laura is passionate about mother-baby health and feeding. The idea for the ReSqueeze pouch was a natural result of Laura's observations of her own child's eating habits and preferences. She noticed that food pouches are more than just convenient -- the spout design allows young children to use their natural sucking motion, eat at their own pace, and creates far less clean-up.

Brandon Hightower, Founder. Brandon is an investment banker in San Francisco, where he assists in providing advisory services to clients in the context of multi-million dollar merger and acquisition transactions. Brandon brings his investment banking, accounting, and business experience to ReSqueeze, where he manages the technical and financial operations of the company and assists Laura with product development and partner relations.